Student Management Software

Student Management Software

Software Linkers provide a complete Student Management Software module for your school college university for tuition center Student Management System module manages all day-to-day operations for a school software application for schools colleges and universities to manage complete student data. Capabilities of these student databases include attendance, fee, behavioral, medical student records, parent’s information, result, grading, promotions, of passed students in new students admission classes information, as well as storing assessment information.

Student Management Software

Why Student Management System Is Best?

The student management system project is developed in C # language. Download The is a desktop-based offline application that managed all requirements of your student management system Is the best offline student data management system for your institute to manage student date of birth and admission date, student previous school record, roll no, student class, or section management, fee, attendance, monthly report, id- card, exam, result card, etc

Features Of Student Management System

  • Student admissions management
  • Birth certificate & admission record
  • Roll no, Family ID no & Name Management
  • Attendance management
  • Student behavior management
  • Student Id card & Result card management
  • Communication skills & Medical receptionist
  • Student previous school record management

Advantages Of Student Management System

  • Paperwork can be avoided
  • Student data management
  • Easy access to all students
  • Control efficiency over student data
  • Complete tracking of the students

How To Install School Management Software

Download School Management Software on Software Linkers installed and run free trial school management software is the complete solution for your school college it’s managed all requirements of your institute meaning administration management, roles, and capabilities, student management, student ID-card, staff management, classes, section, timetable, account, fees, salary income, expanse, date sheet exam result card if you are facing any issues or problems during installation of using school management software contact us Software Linkers live support teams